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About Brionic Security

Brionic Security was created in 2015 in Mexico City, to later become a formal business in Orange California in 2016, following the participation of its founder Brian Santacruz in the entrepreneurship course taught by the consulate of Mexico in Santa Ana.

Since then it has mainly helped small businesses to establish their brand on the internet and to generate marketing campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and others to place them in the market quickly and obtain a progressive growth.

All the services that Brionic Security offers have as a cornerstone cyber security, which allows it to offer quality services with a high level on security.

Its founder Brian Santacruz, is an Engineer in Computational Systems and has worked in recognized companies including Microsoft Mexico, which gave him the necessary tools to become Microsoft Certified Professional.


Develop websites with excellent quality, optimized and safe that could be placed quickly and organically on the web.

Provide online marketing strategies that allow the placement and acceptance of products or services of customers in an organic and paid way.

Offer professional IT support that allows our clients to work without interruptions protecting their personal, sensitive data and hardware.


Being the cornerstone of any business in the world that wants to place its brand or business safely and quickly on the market using the latest technology on it.